Thursday, April 22, 2010

Myriads of Angels Surrounding Me

I cannot believe how many people are praying for us! My family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances have been passing the word about Caleb around and there are countless numbers of people praying for us. We literally have people praying around the country and around the world! It touches me to know that even strangers care.

I have estimated just the people I know of who are praying and it has to be over a thousand. Imagine the angels that surround me as I carry this precious child. It is no surprise that I have found strength, joy and many mouths and hearts have asked God to give me these gifts? I feel like a lighthouse, beckoning those in darkness. I feel like I can't contain my joy! I want everyone to know this feeling.

Those of you who are praying...please don't stop. You are carrying me through it all. The comfort I have found in knowing so many people are praying is unreal. And I can assure you that your prayers are being answered. I am aware that I will need to keep this spirit of strength and hope throughout the rest of this pregnancy. I have another three long months to go, and after that, the future is uncertain. The closer we get to the time when Caleb will arrive, the more stressful it will be. Now is not the time to say, "Oh, she's fine! I'll pray for something else now." Please continue to remember us in your are doing a world of good!

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  1. I will be praying!
    My 70 blog followers better to... or I'll do something drastic to them. ;)