Sunday, April 25, 2010

Caleb Dances

There is no denying it...Caleb loves to boogie! Maybe he is only using two limbs; maybe he is using all four. All I know is that the child cannot sit still.

I have read and been told that babies are most active between 24 and 30 weeks. Being that I am now over 25 weeks, I am not surprised that I feel him. I am, however, surprised that he flips around so much that at times it almost makes me sick! I don't remember feeling this much movement when I was pregnant with Imola.

I guess I'm a little surprised that I feel him moving so much because I am aware of his abnormalities. I wouldn't expect a handicapped baby to move this much or to have movements this strong. I can actually see my belly move when he kicks! That doesn't usually happen until well into the third trimester.

It has to count for something that Caleb is moving so much. It makes me happy when I feel it because it makes me feel like he is just like any other baby. But then I remember that he is not just like any other baby...he is special...he is Caleb. I don't want him to be like any other baby; I just want him to be himself. Caleb, the swing-dancin' lad!

In two days I will go in for yet another ultrasound. I will get to watch him dance on a TV screen once again! I can't believe that I am actually okay with going to this appointment alone, now that I know there are so many people with me in spirit. Besides, what news are they going to give me that is worse than what I've already heard? I guess I can say I'm not afraid anymore.

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