Wednesday, April 28, 2010

His Beautiful Face

Yesterday, I had my four-week follow-up ultrasound. I was smiling and happy walking in to my appointment. I suppose I caught the nurses off guard because they were shocked to see me there alone. They were asking me how I was doing and if I brought anyone with me. I always feel like a celebrity when I go in there; the nurses are very personable.

I explained my emotions to the nurses. I let them know that there are a lot of people praying for us. I told them about this blog. I told them about giving it all to God and how joyful and peaceful I've been ever since. They told me that I am so lucky to be able to really accept this and be joyful right now. According to them, most women can't reach the state I'm in right now; especially not a mere month after they receive the kind of news I have received.

I do know that I am fortunate. But I am not "lucky" to feel the way I do; I am "blessed." It is because of all the prayers being said on Caleb's and my behalf that I am joyful and strong. I am blessed to have so many people who truly care about me. More than that, I know that Caleb is on a mission. It brings me peace to know that he has a purpose. The strength that he has brought to us is inspiring hearts and even helping people remember how to have faith and how to turn to the Lord in difficult times. Caleb has already established an army of "prayer warriors", and they are under his command. ;-)

The ultrasound results were just as we expected...the brain is the same. The heterotopia isn't growing or changing. His head size is still perfect in proportion to his body. His body looks absolutely normal in size and shape. He is nearly 2 pounds now. It is amazing how beautiful he is to sweet little son.

The doctor was trying out some new software with the ultrasound equipment so I got some really awesome pictures. This was the first time I've had ultrasound pictures that were superficial. Instead of black and white photos that look like X-ray, I got photos of his face that actually look 3-D. He looks like his sister!

We will continue to persevere in our prayer and our hopes for Caleb's health. I am, however, staying grounded with the expectation that Caleb will have the handicaps that I was told about. In my mind, this doesn't mean I have given up hope, it just means that if things are better than expected, it'll be a nice surprise for me. Either way, I will love him just the same.

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  1. Heather, what a simply beautiful testimony this blog is! You are a good writer, and it's really moving to read your thoughts on this journey. Thank you for your witness of Faith, Hope, and Love! We, too, are part of the army of prayer warriors, and are lifting you, precious Caleb, and Andy and Imola up to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. May He keep you there securely. Amen.