Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Special Blessing

The last time I posted, I forgot to mention that Caleb received a special blessing this past Saturday. We were at a family party and one of my mom's friends approached me as I was talking to a friend of mine about Caleb's situation and the impending delivery.

I won't name any names, but I will say that this is a woman who I know pretty well and I would definitely not consider her a "flake." She suddenly jumped in to the conversation I was having and made a comment about something I had just said. Then, she asked me if I would mind if she prayed over me for Caleb. I never mind that kind of thing so I said it would be okay. What I didn't expect was that she immediately grabbed my arm and excused us from my friend who was still standing there. There was a sense of urgency in her voice and we walked quickly away to an area of the yard where no one was standing. As we walked, she told me that she had been given the Gift of Tongues last year and then recently, she was also given the Gift of Anointing. She said that God had spoken to her through prayer and instructed her to go out and heal and anoint.

Now some of you might think this is a bunch of crazy talk. I know that I used to think the same thing about people speaking in tongues and being given orders by God while they were praying. When I was a teenager a came upon several occasions where I witnessed someone speaking in tongues and I most certainly believe in it now. I also have seen people who I knew were "faking it" and I can see the difference. Also, God has directed me during prayer and I know that people really do hear His voice and follow His commands.

That being said, this woman laid her hands on my belly and closed her eyes and she began to speak in English. After a few moments she strayed off into this foreign tongue. She kept speaking for what seemed like a good 5 minutes or so and her voice became louder and then softened again. Caleb had been still for a long time and he suddenly began to move around; kicking vigorously.

She made the sign of the cross with her thumb on my belly and as she quieted, Caleb calmed down as well. It was beautiful! The language she was speaking sounded like no other I had heard, but it was rhythmic and soothing. I could feel the presence of the Lord all around us at that time and it was so peaceful.

When she was finished, the woman gave me a long, strong embrace and left me with a "God be with you." She told me that she had heard me talking to my friend as she was walking by and she suddenly felt an undeniable urge to pray over me. She said that she will anoint as God has instructed but the healing is up to Him. She is only acting as His instrument. What a gift that is!

I am so blessed to have Him showering blessings over me and Caleb. I know that even though I am anxious, He is there with me. I never feel alone. Really. He continually reminds me not to be afraid, but to remain strong. I am happy that some people listen to God's instructions and are brave enough to allow Him to work through them. This occasion is the perfect example of a time when a human being was capable of bringing the peace of Christ to someone simply by following His will and overcoming the fear to do so.

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  1. I love Caleb sooooo much! And this story is amazing. I'm glad you but it up sis.