Friday, August 20, 2010

A Month of Beauty

Yesterday, Caleb had his 1-month checkup at the pediatrician. Once again, the doctor said he looks amazing. His head is 38 centimeters, which is perfectly average. When the doctor laid him on his belly, Caleb arched his back and lifted all 4 limbs off the table as well as his head. The doctor said that is very good for any baby to be doing at that age.

Caleb weighs a whopping 9lbs 12oz, which means that he has gained nearly 3lbs since leaving the hospital, just over 3 weeks ago! The doctor said that the rate he is growing is outstanding. He said that usually breastfed babies gain weight much more slowly. I explained to him that this is because Caleb is always at the breast! It is actually getting to be a little difficult for me to run the house and take care of all the tasks I need to complete. Sometimes he will nurse for 45 minutes and then want to nurse again an hour later! I'm not sure if he has a good appetite or if I am just a human pacifier to him. I think he may be making a habit of "comfort nursing." This is a challenge for me, but I love nursing him so I suppose I'm okay with it.

One of the reasons I think he might be "comfort nursing" is due to colic. I'm not sure if I would call it colic or gas or just a strong desire to be in my arms for security. He is a really fussy baby. It is stressful for me when I try to leave him with his dad or with a family member just so I can run errands or do something for myself. I will nurse him before I leave and I will come back within a few hours and everyone tells me that he cries the minute I step out the door.

I have explained the need for patience to my husband and family members that watch him for me. After all, Caleb could have a raging headache every moment of the day and he can't tell us that it hurts; he can only cry. Maybe he is just colicky or gassy. Maybe he was traumatized from all the tests performed in utero. I have heard that studies show ultrasound can be frightening to a preborn baby, especially if it is performed during the last trimester. Caleb certainly had his share of lengthy ultrasounds so maybe that is the reason he cries constantly; because he is unsettled and he wants to be held and nursed for comfort and security.

Whatever the reason, Caleb is high-maintenance, but I am dealing with it. I certainly love him just the way he is and I am willing to do whatever he needs me to in order to make him feel better. He is such a pure, beautiful joy to have and hold! If I had no other responsibilities, I'd hold him all day out of desire!

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  1. What a beautiful post! We continue to praise God for His goodness manifested through this precious child.